Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The storming of Abu ad-Duhor airbase

This video and this video give us a look at the attack on Abu ad-Duhor.

Abu ad-Duhor airbase is home to 678 Squadron operating the MiG-23MS and an unknown squadron with MiG-21s. The airbase is 9,900 feet long and has 20 HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelters). It is unlikely that most of the planes on this base are still operational.

Both videos gives us a look at a MiG-23MS captured. You might not recognize it, but we already have seen this MiG-23MS before. The damaged plane was targeted by a Metis-M in March 2012.

The video showing the targeting of the MiG in March 2012

Because it was not parked inside the HAS we can assume it was already derelict and used as a decoy. Apparently the plane continued its role as decoy and didn't move an inch since March last year!

Location of the MiG-23MS in Abu ad-Duhor

The MiG-23MS moments before being targeted by a Metis-M

Damage done by the Metis-M fired in March 2012

The MiG-23 graveyard. Confirming that most of the planes on this base were already inactive.


MiG-23MS captured by the FSA (1)
MiG-23MS captured by the FSA (2)
Video showing the targeting of the MiG in March 2012
Monitoring of the airbase showing MiG-23MS and MiG-23UBs

Special thanks to Mads Dahl


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtjC770GLm4 They briefly enter the base.. But most of them are still outside there is even a video of helicopter landing inside... So there is no way that they are captured it or even controlling 60% of the base..

    1. ''More videos will surely come, the base might not be fully captured yet.''